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Night works within the City of Whittlesea

The City of Whittlesea has a comprehensive road renewal program that aims to maintain roads in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner, while taking into account the needs of the community, stakeholders and construction constraints. The program is based on a systematic approach and is designed to ensure that roads are renewed in a timely and efficient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

In some instances, roadworks are conducted overnight to minimise the effects to the broader community, lessen the duration of the works, reduce the impact on local residents and deliver the works in a cost-effective manner.

Road hierarchy: A review of recent traffic counts is undertaken to determine the expected volume of traffic and proportion of heavy vehicles that typically use the road.

Bus routes: Buses travel on some of Council’s road network and undertaking works on a road with any frequency of buses is disruptive and can affect the quality of the work.

Local road network: A review of the broader road network is undertaken to consider the traffic impact of other roadworks in the area. The effect of multiple roadworks compounds and can negatively affect the broader traffic network.

Scope and scale of work: The nature of roadworks conducted by Council can vary widely from minor surface treatments to deeper road pavement rehabilitation. More extensive roadworks present many challenges from a worksite management perspective and conducting works at night when there is less traffic reduces the risk to motorists and the personnel doing the work.

The methodology of conducting night works considers the noise impact to the local residents. The loudest of the work (demolition and excavation) is typically programmed at the start of the night shift while the quieter work (asphalt paving) is conducted during later hours.

Residents are notified about upcoming works via a letter drop a week prior to commencement. While vehicle access to properties will be maintained whenever possible, residents are requested to ensure their vehicles are not parked on the road within the hours specified in the notification letter.