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Container Deposit Scheme

Recycle your drink containers and receive a 10-cent refund with Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme.

Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme  

Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme provides a new recycling opportunity. Old containers become new ones giving them new life and reducing litter and landfill.   

A 10-cent refund is available for each eligible container returned. 

Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme is simple:    

  1. Collect eligible drink containers  

  1. Find your refund point  

  1. Earn or donate your refund  

  1. Containers are recycled 

Person putting plastic bottles into a bag

What can be returned? 

Most aluminium, glass, plastic and liquid paperboard (carton) drink containers between 150mL and 3 litres are eligible. You can keep the lids on, as these are recycled too. Look for the 10c mark on the drink container label near the barcode.  

What can’t be returned? 

Containers under 150mL and over 3L cannot be returned. There are also some drink containers that are not eligible for a refund including plain milk containers of all sizes, wine, spirits and cordial, and containers 1 litre or greater including flavoured milk, pure fruit or vegetable juice, cask wine or cask water. Many of these containers can still be recycled in your kerbside bin. 

To view the refund point map visit  

Fundraising with an impact 

The Container Deposit Scheme enables charities and community groups to raise funds while making a positive environmental impact.  

To learn more visit