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Hard rubbish collection

Households can book up to 2 hard rubbish collections each financial year (1 July-30 June). Your hard rubbish items will be collected from your nature strip and taken to the Wollert landfill.

Book your hard rubbish collection

If you are unable to book your collection online, our Customer Service Team can assist you with making a booking. Please call them on 9217 2170.

Book your hard rubbish collection

Prepare for your collection

Our hard rubbish collection service is for household items that are broken or cannot be reused.

If your unwanted household items are reusable and in good condition, please give them to someone who needs them - see Donate or sell unwanted household items.

Collection size

You can now book a collection of up to 3 cubic meters (3m x 1m x 1m) of acceptable hard rubbish items. 

How many hard rubbish collections can I book?

Each household can book two single hard rubbish collections per financial year. 

Find out what you can put out for a hard rubbish collection

Before booking your hard waste collection, please refer to the below list of acceptable items. Please also note:

  • All items must be easily lifted by 2 people.
  • Excess items over the collection size limit (listed above) will not be collected.

Acceptable items for hard rubbish collection include: 

  • blankets
  • boxes of odds and ends
  • broken toys and rags
  • curtains that cannot be reused
  • furniture - with doors taped and securely tied
  • mattresses and bed bases (exempt from height and length restrictions)
  • small amounts of timber offcuts. You can also drop these off for free at the Timber Waste Facility with the vouchers on your rates notice
  • wrapped glass

Items not accepted in hard rubbish collection include: 

  • aerosol cans
  • air conditioning units
  • bagged items
  • basketball rings - unless dismantled
  • building or renovation materials
  • cardboard
  • car parts or tyres
  • carpet or underlay
  • compressors
  • concrete, rubble or soil
  • corrugated sheeting
  • fence palings
  • general waste (waste that can be put in your kerbside rubbish bin)
  • recycling or garden waste
  • furniture with untied doors
  • hot water services
  • liquids, chemicals or unidentifiable items
  • locked containers - eg suitcases, filing cabinets where content is not easily accessible or identifiable
  • oil heaters
  • trampolines - unless dismantled
  • unwrapped glass or polystyrene
  • whitegoods including fridges, freezers, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines and clothes driers  - find out how to dispose of whitegoods

Getting rid of e-waste

What is e-waste? 

If it's got a plug, cord or battery, it is e-waste. E-waste is no longer accepted in any bin and won't be picked up through our hard waste collection service. Find your nearest e-waste drop off point. 

To recycle fluorescent light globes, mobile phone and accessories, cameras and accessories, printer cartridges and x-rays, take them to one of our community recycling stations. 

Household batteries can be recycled through the designated battery recycling bin located beside our community recycling stations. Alternatively, to find your closest drop off location to recycle household batteries, see Woolworths, Aldi, Bunnings, Officeworks and Battery World stores may accept batteries for recycling. 

Find out how to dispose of your whitegoods, TVs and computers. 

Still unsure what to do with your unwanted items? 

See our alphabetical list of items and disposal options. 

Placing your hard rubbish out for collection

Once you have booked your collection, place your hard rubbish neatly on your nature strip the night before collection, ensuring it is contained and will not blow or wash away. 

Collection will take place on the day you have booked, but no specific time is allocated, so please allow the full day.     

Vacating a property

If you are vacating a property, please ensure that you consider your waste disposal options prior to moving out of the property.

If you will require a hard rubbish collection, please book a collection date as early as possible as there may be a wait time of up to several weeks.

Alternatively, you can take your waste to Wollert Landfill or arrange your own rubbish removal service.

Please ensure that your hard rubbish is only placed on the nature strip the night before your booked collection date.