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Report dumped rubbish and litter

People who litter are breaking the law and face an on-the-spot fine ranging from $311 to $622, or $6218 if the case goes to court.


To report dumped rubbish or litter:

As a witness, you may need to give evidence so you should only report an offence if you are willing to appear in court.

Report dumped rubbish or litter online

Types of littering

Litter is any waste product - including paper, vegetable matter, cigarettes and butts, rubbish, clothes and hard waste - that has been left lying in an open or public place.

The act of littering includes:

  • throwing or dropping litter from a vehicle
  • leaving an overfilled bin out for collection
  • placing flyers, leaftlets or brochures on vehicles
  • placing advertising material in a letterbox with a ‘no junk mail’ or ‘no advertising’ sign
  • displaying advertising material on buildings, street furniture, roadside and railway infrastructure without the owner’s permission
  • leaving litter uncontained on private property
  • abandoning or leaving an unregistered vehicle on a road or other public land

Litter thrown from vehicles

If you see someone throwing litter from a vehicle, write down the:

  • vehicle number plate, make, model and colour
  • date, time and place that the offence was committed
  • a description of the type of litter that was left behind

If the offence occurred in the City of Whittlesea, you should call us on 9217 2170, so we can investigate and issue an infringement notice.

If the offence occurred outside the City of Whittlesea, you should make litter reports to EPA online using the EPA web form

Further information about reporting litter from vehicles can be found on the EPA website

Overfilled bins

It is against our Local Law to overfill your bins when putting them out for kerbside collection as this causes litter on the street.

You can report an overfilled bin online, by calling 9217 2170, or by emailing