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Information for rural landowners

We work with our rural community to encourage sustainable land management practices.

Sustainable land management is an integrated approach to the management of land, water, biodiversity that ensures that the needs of our community are met, whilst ensuring business success and not compromising the long-term viability of our local biodiversity and ecosystems.

On this page you will find information about rural land management practices, your responsibilities as a land owner, and details on the support available to our rural residents.

Our officers are available to discuss property management issues on request.


Rural News eNewsletter

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A print version of Rural News is sent quarterly to all households in the rural areas of our municipality.


You can view our eNewsletter archive here.

Sustainable land management

We have produced a number of guidelines to assist rural landowners desiring to protect and enhance the health and biodiversity of their land.

Grant and rebates available to rural land owners

We provide funding incentives to rural landowners for projects that support sustainable land management practices through our environmental works grant and sustainable land management rebate scheme.


Farming and agricultural business support

We offer specialised support services to local farming businesses.


Weed and pest animal programs

The City of Whittlesea Pest Plant Local Law lists 12 priority weed species for eradication. Seasonal proactive education and compliance programs are conducted for a number of these species each year with the aim of reducing their threat to agricultural and environmental values of the rural areas.

The Pest Plant program compliments sustainable land management incentives, including Council’s Sustainable Land Management Rate Rebate Scheme and Environmental Works Grant, and the Melbourne Water Stream Frontage Management Program. The program is also closely aligned with the annual rural roadside weed management program.

Weeds and pest animals can have an enormous impact on the agricultural, environmental and social values in the community.

Under the Victorian Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994, all landowners have a legal responsibility to manage weeds identified as noxious. Additionally 12 species have been identified as priorities for control and are listed in Council’s general municipal law.

Council has a number of resources to assist you in managing pest animals and plants.


Whittlesea native vegetation

The City of Whittlesea is home to a large variety of native plants. These plants play a major role in supporting local biodiversity and contribute to the aesthetics of our rural landscape.

Read more about native plants.


Native Vegetation Protection

Before you prune or remove any remnant tree, you should find out whether it is protected by legislation. You may face prosecution and enforcement action if you breach the Whittlesea Planning Scheme by removing native vegetation.


Fire prevention

Under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 we have a legal obligation to ensure the communities risk associated with bushfire and grassfire is reduced.

As a rural land owner, you may receive a Fire Prevention Notice from us in the lead up to summer that directs you to perform specified vegetation works on your property.

It is important that you comply with these requirements. Failure to comply may result in a fine and/or legal proceedings being taken against you.

Read more about fire prevention.