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Roadside Management Strategy

Our roadsides are an important part of our City's landscape and provide much needed habitat for wildlife.

We regularly assess roadside vegetation for safety and undertake weed control where required.

Native vegetation along roadsides is protected by planning regulations that restrict its removal in Victoria.

Landowners are not permitted to destroy or remove vegetation without prior planning approval from the City of Whittlesea.

Please note: you cannot collect firewood from roadsides. However there are some places where you can legally collect wood during autumn and spring.

If you are concerned that roadside vegetation poses a safety risk please contact our Customer Service team on 9217 2170.

Roadside Management Strategy

We have developed a strategy that is used by staff and contractors who work on roadsides in non-urban areas in the municipality.

The strategy identifies objectives, guidelines and specifications for all roadside activities and aims to ensure:

  • roadsides are maintained for road users' safety
  • high threat weeds are controlled and managed
  • best practice standards are followed
  • high quality roadside vegetation is protected
  • construction and maintenance projects are sensitive to roadsides.