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Stormwater drainage design and discharge

Stormwater drainage issues

Find out how to resolve Stormwater drainage issues.

Stormwater design and discharge

To find out the location of the stormwater point of discharge on an existing property, request a property / stormwater information report from our Building department.

You can also use this report to find out the depth and boundary offset of Council drains.

Stormwater drainage plans

For a planning permit, you may need to prepare and submit drainage plans and computations for stormwater drainage works or other civil infrastructure works, which we will need to review and approve.

Note: from 1 July 2015 revised fees will apply for assessment of all stormwater drainage works or other civil infrastructure works related to the relevant planning permit requirements.

For more information, see our Guidelines for Urban Development.

Apply for an Engineering/Drainage Plan Assessment.

Works within the road reserve

If you need to undertake any works within the road reserve or Council easement, you must apply for a Works in road reserves permit.