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Street Tree Management Plan

Street Tree Management Plan

Greening Our Streets - our street tree management plan

Street trees are an important asset through the City of Whittlesea, and provide many benefits to our community including:

  • providing much needed shade in urban areas
  • habitat for native wildlife
  • contributing to neighbourhood character and positively impacting on streetscape amenity
  • reducing air pollution in an efficient and cost-effective way

In 2016 we adopted our new street tree management plan, 'Greening Our Streets' which will guide us on how we will choose, plant, maintain, protect and value urban street trees over the next 10 years.

The plan includes:

  • an assessment of the current state of our street trees
  • Street Tree Management code
  • information on how we manage tree risks
  • information on our tree maintenance programs, including:
  • clearance requirements for street tree pruning
  • steps taken in tree root damage investigations
  • how we manage pests and diseases
  • how we deal with requests for tree services
  • street tree protection requirements for developers
  • a new street tree species list

Tree branch clearance

Below is a guide to the tree clearances outlined in our Street Tree Management Plan that we aim towards when conduct tree pruning on street trees across the municipality.

 Type of location Clearance
 Electrical lines  
 Local roads  4m (rural roadsides as required - 1m behind back of kerb
 Main roads  4.3m
 Driveways  3.5m
 Footpaths/walkways/naturestrips  2.5m
 Motorists/pedestrian visibility  2.5m
 Road signage, lines of sight and traffic control devices  Allow for driver and pedestrian visibility in accordance with VicRoads/Council sight clearance standards
 Buildings/fences on private property  Maintain a 2.0 clearance through pruning cycle