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Vision, mission and values

We share a common mission and vision, that guides our organisation’s direction, and strive to behave according to our staff values.


Whittlesea 2040: a place for all.


  • We use evidence to decide our community direction
  • We use this evidence to advocate to Council and external parties
  • We strategically resource our organisation to support our community


We believe that the way each of us behaves at work determines how effective we are as an organisation, so we have adopted a set of shared staff values and some example behaviours needed to achieve them.

The 5 values are:

  • Excellence - be diligent, innovative and accountable
  • Respect - be considerate
  • Open Communication - listen, be frank, fearless and honest
  • Valuing Diversity - appreciate everyone's strengths
  • Wellbeing - care for ourselves, others and our environment