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Vision, mission and values

Vision, mission and values

We share a common mission and vision, that guides our organisation’s direction, and strive to behave according to our staff values.


Creating vibrant self-sustaining communities together.


  • We use evidence to decide our community direction
  • We use this evidence to advocate to Council and external parties
  • We strategically resource our organisation to support our community


We believe that the way each of us behaves at work determines how effective we are as an organisation, so we have adopted a set of shared staff values and some example behaviours needed to achieve them.

The 6 values are:


We have developed a strong reputation for excellence in forward planning, customer service and for creating new and innovative ways to deliver quality outcomes. We also pride ourselves on providing staff with opportunities to work on a diverse range of projects.

To achieve excellence we:

  • set high work standards and take pride in the quality of our work and that of our team
  • are positive about the organisation
  • listen to customers and act on their needs and expectations in a courteous, professional and helpful manner
  • encourage each other to do our best
  • see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and develop
  • always ask ourselves, “Is there a better way to do this?”
  • exercise honesty, integrity and accountability


We are committed to staff wellbeing and have an extensive staff health and wellbeing program. As part of this program, we have a health and wellbeing calendar of events, numerous training opportunities and a mentoring program.

To foster our sense of wellbeing we:

  • support each other to perform well
  • encourage creative thinking
  • respect the work/life balance
  • provide opportunities for self development and advancement within the organisation
  • care for others and show empathy and understanding

Valuing diversity

As one of the most diverse municipalities in Victoria, we recognise the value that diversity brings to the workplace. It is core to our organisation’s success and our engagement with the community.

To value diversity we:

  • accept and embrace diversity through a genuine commitment to working with people of all abilities from all backgrounds
  • acknowledge that diversity strengthens and enriches our organisation
  • appreciate and utilise each others’ strengths and talents
  • recognise that every role in the organisation is important in contributing to a sense of inclusiveness, belonging and to the greater good of the community


We believe that respect should be key to all our interactions with others, and that it is crucial to create an organisation that instils staff with a sense of pride and enjoyment.


  • actively listen and try to understand others’ points of view
  • acknowledge and greet our colleagues and members of the community
  • respect the skills, knowledge and abilities of other staff
  • acknowledge and respond to suggestions and ideas from others
  • are punctual at meetings and appointments
  • raise issues and concerns considerately
  • do what we can to assist others

Open communication

Open communication is vital for a highly effective organisation. It impacts how each and everyone of us works. We aim to practice effective and constructive communication, both internally and externally.

To communicate openly we:

  • speak to and listen to others respectfully
  • collaborate, consult and share information with others
  • consider who else may be affected by your work, may have something to add or needs to know or be involved
  • recognise that teamwork extends beyond your own team to all other parts of the organisation
  • are willing to help each other out
  • are transparent and honest
  • respond in a timely and professional manner
  • maintain confidentiality and privacy


The decisions we make today will protect and enhance the sustainability of the City of Whittlesea for our community and the generations to come.

To achieve sustainability we:

  • minimise waste and duplication
  • incorporate economic, environmental and social sustainability objectives into all our projects and programs
  • are accountable to ensure efficient use of resources and take responsibility for our decisions and actions
  • actively look to improve work practices to facilitate more sustainable operations and outcomes