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Local Laws

Local laws are designed to secure community safety, protect public assets and enhance neighbourhood amenities, in order to make living in the City of Whittlesea ‘A Place for All’. Local laws cover a range of diverse topics - from unsightly land, fire safety, animals, roadside reserves and footpath trading to planting on nature strips and building sites. The Local Law also helps you understand your rights and responsibilities and empowers Council to respond to local issues to protect public and private space as well as the community’s health and safety.

All Councils have a Local Law that is designed to:

  • Protect community safety and neighbourhood property.
  • Protect our natural environment.
  • Improve access and enjoyment of public places for the community’s benefit.
  • Provide accountability and enforcement of incorrect community behaviour to benefit all residents in our community.

How does the Local Law affect me?

The Local Law can assist in resolving neighbourhood disputes, or to overcome a cause of local concern, such as noise or damage to a community asset.

In some circumstances, the Local Law may assist neighbours to agree amicable on appropriate behaviours whilst in other circumstances, breaches of the Local Law can be reported to the Council.

What happens if I break the Local Law?

If you breach any of the rules set out in the Local Law, Council and its authorised officers are able to:

  • provide you with an official warning
  • issue you with a legal Notice to Comply
  • issue you with an Infringement Notice or fine
  • prosecute in the Magistrates Court

Download our current Local Law 

Download our current local law documents:

New Community Local Law

The new and updated Community Local Law 2024-2034 takes effect from 1 July 2024.

The new Local Law addresses a wide range of critical community issues that our community told Council about during community consultation. These updates include fire safety, animal welfare, property regulations, vehicle management, and public behaviour. The new Community Local Law will help Council respond to issues and community needs within a local context. The new law has been simplified to make it easier for residents to read and understand. Council will be helping the community to understand what has changed and how it impacts them. We have also developed a brief video explainer you can watch below, that outlines the changes.

Some of the key changes addressed by the new Community Local Law include:

  • Formatting and language – general wording was confusing and hard to understand. It is now much simpler with the use of easy-to-understand language.
  • Property – clearer laws around property have been included that aim to ensure the safety and attractiveness and maintenance of the municipality, including stronger laws relating to hard waste and dumping of rubbish.
  • Fire Safety– provisions have been added to set the requirements for fire prevention and other activities that may affect the environment including fire hazards, open-air burning and the recreational use of firepits.
  • Animals – stronger laws have been included to provide for the reasonable care, ownership and management of animals with a balanced approach taken towards dog controls in public places and regulating the number and types of animals allowed by a person.
  • Vehicles and Roads – provisions have been added that aim to enhance the appearance of streets and public places by managing activities involving vehicles including long-term parking and vehicle storage.
  • Building Management – provisions have been included to increase the control of activities around building sites to address issues of noise, waste, and other disturbances caused by building works.
  • Behaviour in public places and on Council land – new laws have been introduced that set out how a person can behave in public places and on Council land.
  • Penalty units – the penalty units within the new Local Law have been updated to reflect the level of breach, with offenses committed with penalties for corporations being higher.

For further information to help you understand the Community Local Law changes, including and explainer videos frequently asked questions, and translated material, visit



Notice to Comply Extension Request 

For special circumstances where you are not able to complete the rectification works during the time provided, you may submit a request for a potential extension. Please note that proof for any reason given is required.

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For clearance works contractors

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