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DPV Health Podiatry; School Footwear Education

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Presented by: DPV Health
Wednesday, 5 April 2023
Jindi Family and Community Centre, 48 Breadalbane Ave, Mernda
Education and Engagement Facilitator
9404 8865
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The health of our feet is important at all stages of life, it is essential that we do the best we can to support them as they support us when we run, skip, hop and jump. This session aims to provide some education on what kids need to best support them as they start school. A good school shoe can help to prevent problems day to day and as they develop and grow.

The podiatrist conducting the session will provide some advice on what to look for in a good shoe, some handy hints to consider when buying a shoe for your kid and some things to look out for as they start school that might indicate they are struggling or in pain.

Morning tea will be provided, and children welcome to the session.

Recommended for: parents/carers of children and children

DPV Health Podiatry; School Footwear Education

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