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The importance of wellbeing for educators; there is only one you

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Join us for this session facilitated by Louise Dorrat.
Thursday, 14 March 2024
City of Whittlesea, Civic Centre, Fountain View, 25 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang
Children and Families
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Working with children and families is a challenging role and there are increasing demands placed on our sector.

How do you have the time to look after your wellbeing when there is an endless cycle of regulations, updated frameworks, quality standards, assessment and rating visits, documentation, risk assessments, portfolios, meetings and Quality Improvement Plans? Not to mention the educator shortage and your home life juggle.

We cannot manage time, yet we can manage ourselves to utilise it more effectively.

This session is about learning strategies to reduce the business and the key to being assertive.

  • Listen to 10 steps that will improve your wellbeing
  • Stop saying ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’
  • Learn to spend time on what is important, not what is urgent
  • It begins with you.

The importance of wellbeing for educators; there is only one you

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