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Apply for certificates, plans and property information

You can request copies of building certificates, plans and a Property Information Report from our Building Services Department.


Request property/stormwater information report

You can request a number of information reports about your property.

These reports include:

  • whether a Building Permit, Occupancy Permit (formerly called a Certificate of Occupancy) or Certificate of Final Inspection has been issued in the last 10 years
  • whether your property is located in a flood-prone, bushfire-prone or termite-prone area
  • inspection approval dates of the mandatory notification stages for building work carried out
  • stormwater drainage point of discharge

Request property/stormwater information

Request copy of plans and certificates

We can supply you with copies of house plans or building certificates, which you may need for extensions or alterations.

To request plans or certificates, you must be the owner of the relevant property, or have written consent from the owner to apply.


  • plans and certificates older than 10 years may be difficult to locate
  • search fees are not refundable

To apply for plans and certificates, complete the relevant form and pay online through the links below:

Request residential plans and certificates

Request commercial plans and certificates