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Green Wedge Management Plan

The Green Wedge Management Plan identifies a vision and recommends actions for the sustainable use of Whittlesea’s rural land.

State Government Green Wedge and Agricultural Land Review

The Victorian Government is carrying out a Green Wedge and Agricultural Land review and has released a consultation paper outlining proposed changes to strengthen the protection of Green Wedges and agricultural land.

In February 2021, Whittlesea Council endorsed a formal submission to the review.

Read more about the review.

You can read the submission below.


City of Whittlesea Green Wedge Management Plan Review

The current Green Wedge Management Plan 2011-2021 ended in 2021. Council is currently reviewing the document with the aim of developing a new plan to guide the future direction of Whittlesea’s Green Wedge.

Find out more online.

Translations of the Green Wedge Management Plan are available upon request.

Green Wedge Management Plan Achievements

There were 84 actions set out in the Whittlesea Green Wedge Management Plan 2011–2021, and every one of them has now been commenced.

Of these actions, 49 have been completed, five are still underway and 30 are ongoing changes to the way we work, including networking with the local Aboriginal community and rural communities, providing business support to help keep farmers on the land, and partnering with community groups to better care for our waterways and environment.

Here are just some of the initiatives already championed under the Green Wedge Management Plan:

  • Whittlesea Community Farm and Food Collective, a pilot program to demonstrate innovative sustainable farming practices, increase food security and provide an opportunity for residents to learn about local, sustainable food production.

  • Wayfinding and interpretive signage for all of Council’s 60 conservation reserves to promote the value and significance of ecosystems on Council-owned land.

  • Support for farming, including agribusiness and the ‘right to farm’, through a submission to the State Government’s Planning for Melbourne's Green Wedges and Agricultural Land review project.

  • South Morang Farmers and Makers Market, held on the third Saturday of each month, which provides an opportunity for local producers to connect with the community and sell their produce locally.

  • Support for tourism in Whittlesea Township, through the campaigns such as Dinner on Us, Shop Local, Choose Your Own Adventure, Christmas on Church and Winter Weekends, as well as support for the Whittlesea Agricultural Show and Table of Plenty events.

  • Strengthened partnerships with Traditional Owners to contribute to a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of the relationship between cultural heritage, Traditional Owner knowledge and Aboriginal community health and wellbeing.

  • Advocacy for the proposed Melbourne Food and Innovation Export Hub (MFIX), which would support the use of agricultural land in the municipality and provide a meaningful contribution to Victoria’s economic growth.

  • Partnerships with community groups on waterway health, Landcare and rural education to support our community’s own initiatives or new initiatives as a result of the Green Wedge Management Plan implementation.

You are invited to help us plan better for the ongoing sustainability and prosperity of our Green Wedge Areas by participating in the Green Wedge Management Plan Review.

Download the Council Report from 21 February 2022 on the Green Wedge Management Plan 2011 - 2021 Reporting.

Translations are available upon request.

Green Wedge Champions

The Whittlesea Green Wedge Management Plan is developed by Council in partnership with the community, local businesses, government departments and other agencies to guide the future of Whittlesea’s Green Wedge.

Council recognises the great work by various community groups who are also playing a role in helping to take care of our Green Wedge areas. These are our ‘Green Wedge Community Champions’.  

Find out more about one such Green Wedge Community Champion – the Darebin Creek Management Committee, by watching this video below


Whittlesea is a growing city with quickly expanding residential areas, but over half of the land is still rural in nature. The land beyond the urban growth boundary is called the Whittlesea Green Wedge (see image).

The green wedge is an active, living area that supports:

  • farming activities
  • scenic rural landscapes
  • parks – national, state and local
  • heritage places
  • recreation and tourism activities
  • plant and animal habitats
  • rivers, creeks and water catchments
  • settlements and rural living

We have developed the Whittlesea Green Wedge Management Plan, in partnership with the community, local businesses, government departments and other agencies. The Plan was adopted by Council on 19 July 2001.

The management plan provides a clear purpose and a 10-year action plan for the green wedge area. Success relies on Council, State Government, agencies, community groups and residents working together.

While the plan promotes and encourages a balance of land uses, it does not change existing green wedge zones to urban zones, or recommend changes to the Urban Growth Boundary.

Download the 2023 - 2033 plan

Download the 2011-2021 plan

For more information, download any of the following factsheets:

Contact Planning Services on 9217 2236 to find out:

  • how you can use and develop your green wedge property
  • what requires a planning permit
  • what is prohibited

The plan is also available to read at local libraries and our Civic Centre offices.

Other languages

Translations of the draft Green Wedge Management Plan are available upon request.