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Victorian Child Friendly Cities and Communities Charter

The purpose of our Victorian Child Friendly Cities and Communities Charter is to continue to recognise the need for increased participation by children in decision-making forums and creating child friendly environments in the City of Whittlesea.

Council’s commitment to empowering children closely aligns with Victorian Early Years Learning and Development FrameworkAmplify and child safe standards and outcomes and practice principles link directly to the Charter principles as follows: 

  • Act in the best interests of the child
  • Freedom for children to express their the individual opinions and right to have these considered in decisions that affect them
  • Create equity for all children based on their needs

Call to action: Adopt the Victorian Child Friendly Cities and Communities Charter

Council is committed to working closely with kindergartens, early years services, family support agencies and schools across Whittlesea to empower children. Council’s first step is to act on the recommendation of the Council's Connected Community Strategy, Whittlesea 2024, Child Safe Policy and the Victorian Child Safe Standards and invite all services to adopt the Victorian Child Friendly Cities and Communities Charter. Working with common principles will underpin efforts to support children to have a say on matters that affects them and participate in child friendly environment.

Adopting the Charter is simple! You will be issued with a Charter certificate; your service will become part of a growing Victorian community who apply these principles to their daily work. You’ll also be invited to join a vibrant state-wide Child Friendly Cities and Communities network that keeps abreast of best practice and shares new and interesting ways to empower children. 

Interested but need more information Contact us for more information on the charter and children participation email or phone 9217 2170.