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Council's role in supporting people with a disability

The City of Whittlesea is committed to building an inclusive and cohesive community that supports people of all abilities.

Council works with the local disability sector to:

  • Create public places that are accessible to people with disability
  • Advocate to support the social and economic participation needs of people with disability and;
  • Build a community culture that is inclusive of people of all abilities.

Whittlesea Disability Network

The Whittlesea Disability Network (WDN) is a Council hosted network that supports people with disability to participate in the community. The Network facilitates and hosts at least four meetings or events each year, providing opportunities for members to share information and connect. It is open to people with disability, carers and supporters and offers many ways to connect, including:

The online Information Hub is a great way to connect with Council and people in the community who are interested in disability. On the Hub you will get up-to-date news and information about disability services, programs and activities. 

You can also provide feedback to Council about access to public spaces, places, and services. 

To visit the Hub, to or email

The Whittlesea Disability Network (WDN) bi-monthly newsletter has information about Council and community-based initiatives, activities, and programs for people with disability and carers.

To join the WDN mailing list, email or you can find hardcopies in your local community center or library.

Join us for our quality meetings where we discuss emerging issues and listen to expert speakers on topics nominated by WND members. 

Below are the details of the upcoming WDN Catch-up sessions across the municipality:

Whittlesea Disability Network - Community catch up in Thomastown

    • When: Thursday 21 March 2024, 10.30am-12pm
    • Where: Barry Road Community Centre 36 Barry Road, Thomastown

Whittlesea Disability Network - Community Catch up in South Morang

    • When: Thursday 28 March 2024
    • Where: Civic Centre, 25 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang

Whittlesea Disability Network - Community Catch Up in Doreen

    • When: Tuesday 9 April 2024, 11am-12.30pm
    • Where: Laurimar Community Centre. 110 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen

Whittlesea Disability Network - Community Catch up in Whittlesea 

    • When: Wednesday 17 April 2024, 9.30-11am
    • Where: Whittlesea Community Centre. 57-61 Laurel Street, Whittlesea

You can choose to attend in person or online.

If you would like more information or to register to attend a WDN meeting, please email us at or phone 9217 2170.

Find out about

Our Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC PYP) provides basic support services for people under 65, or Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander People aged under 50.

This program helps people who are not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to live as independently as possible in their homes and community.

For more information about the services available, visit Home and Community Care for People under 65.


Any member of the public can attend Council Meetings to hear what is going on. 

Meetings are also streamed live on YouTube.

If you would like to attend in person and have special requirements, contact our Governance Team on 9217 2170 at least 3 working days before the event.

More information about Council Meetings at City of Whittlesea. 

Council has several neighbourhood houses and community centres offering courses and opportunities to connect with people in your community. You can contact a venue directly to find out about accessibility for people with disability.

View information about Neighbourhood House venues, programs and contact details.

View the full list of Council venues for hire.

Our recreation and leisure facilities are designed to be accessible to people of all abilities, with accessible amenities and programs for people with disability.

Explore the full list of Swimming pools and leisure centres.

Access Keys are available to help you use our facilities. 

Our community parks include accessible design and amenities to support people with disability to enjoy open spaces.

View details about playgrounds and parks with accessible amenities.

Changing Places toilets are designed for people with severe and profound disabilities. They differ from standard accessible or disabled toilets as they include additional features such as an adult change table, hoist, shower, screens and large circulation spaces.

There are a number of Changing Places toilets across the community, including Marveloo which is located at the Civic Centre in South Morang and the Norris Bank Reserve in Bundoora.

To find a Changing Places Facility near you, visit

Read more about the City of Whittlesea's Marveloo.

MLAKs allow people with a disability to access any specialist accessible amenities, including Changing Places and Liberty Swings throughout Australia, elevators at railway stations and accessible amenities in National Parks and other Council municipalities.

You can obtain your own MLAK locally by emailing

A MLAK for the Civic Centre Marveloo in South Morang is also available at the Customer Service Desk during business hours.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds people under the age of 65 years who have permanent and significant disability, to increase their social and economic participation and strengthen their quality of life.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence supports people with disability to assess their eligibility for the NDIS and access appropriate services, both NDIS and non-NDIS.

For more information about the NDIS visit

For more information about the Brotherhood of St Laurence Disability Services visit

Every Council in Victoria is required by law to develop a Disability Action Plan (DAP) to reduce barriers and discrimination against people with disability, including:

(a) reducing barriers to accessing goods, services and facilities;

(b) reducing barriers to obtaining and maintaining employment;

(c) promote inclusion and participation in the community of people with disability;

(d) achieve tangible changes in attitudes and practices which discriminate against people with disability.

View the Whittlesea Community Plan 2021 – 25 to see how the DAP connects with our other work in the community.

View the Whittlesea Disability Action Plan (DAP) information summary.

If a person with a disability is treated less favourably than a person without a disability in the same or similar circumstance, you can make a discrimination complaint to have the matter addressed.

If you feel you or someone you know is being discriminated against, you can contact the following organisations:

Contact us

To visit the Hub visit

If you would like to promote an accessible activity or group within the City of Whittlesea email or call 9217 2170.

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