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Frequently Asked Questions

Marveloo is a modified Changing Places toilet with additional features including:

  • a fully accessible toilet
  • an overhead ceiling hoist
  • a height adjustable adult change table
  • a modesty curtain
  • additional seating
  • heating and cooling
  • an automatic door
  • access ramp
  • external sun shade

There is a Marveloo at the Whittlesea Civic Centre, 25 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang.

Marveloo is only available for the use of people who need a ceiling hoist, an adult change table and who cannot use a standard accessible toilet.

Standard accessible toilets are available in the Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre (PRACC).

Marveloo is a locked amenity and you will need a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK) to open the toilet.

You can use your own MLAK to access the Marveloo or contact the Civic Centre Customer Service Desk during business hours (Monday – Friday 8.30am - 5pm) to use the Council MLAK.

Please lock the amenity again after use.

For more information on MLAKs see the Changing Places website.

The Whittlesea Marveloo has a Prism Medical Model C-450 Celing Hoist.

If you need to use the ceiling hoist you must bring your own sling. For safety reasons you must check that your sling is compatible with the ceiling hoist before using.

For problems with Marveloo equipment or consumables e.g. blocked toilet, no toilet paper, please contact (03) 9217 2170.