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Farming and agriculture business support

Farming and agriculture business support

We offer specialised support services to local farming businesses.

Our dedicated Agribusiness Officer can visit you to discuss your potential business or the issues affecting your existing enterprise.

We hold free, confidential meetings on-farm to get a solid understanding of your operations and your land.

To book a free on-farm consultation, call our Agribusiness Officer on 9217 2593 or email

The Agribusiness Program supports the rural productivity actions of the Green Wedge Management Plan.

Farmers market feasibility survey

We are keen to support our local farmers and food producers, and are exploring the idea of establishing a farmers' market locally. We recently surveyed residents and agribusinesses and are now progressing the idea.

Rural News

We produce a quarterly newsletter targeted specially for our rural residents, featuring useful information on topics that impact farmers and rural land owners.

To obtain a copy of the latest edition of Rural News and for editorial enquiries, email

Small blocks, big ideas

In April 2015, our ‘Small Blocks, Big Ideas’ Forum told the stories of 3 profitable small-scale farmers making the most of their farming operations:

  • Tammi Jonas of Jonai Farm
  • Ben Falloon of Taranaki Farm
  • Rod May of Captain Creek Organics

Kirsten Larson also showed the potential of alternative food distribution models and connecting the farmer direct to the customer.

Watch the inspiring presentations from each of these farmers.

Buying local food

When you buy locally grown food, you are supporting your farming industry.

Get to know some of the great farmers in our area. Visit their farms, experience their passion and enthusiasm for growing quality produce and take home some of the freshest and tastiest food you could find anywhere.

Find local produce suppliers.

Living in the country

Dream of moving to the peace and quiet of the country? The rewards of rural living are immense, but there are impacts and responsibilities that you may not be aware of.

Farmers have the right to farm their land and this may impact on neighbours including issues such as:

  • noisy animals at weaning time
  • night time machinery use
  • chemicals use
  • odours from livestock

There are also responsibilities involved in land ownership including:

  • controlling weeds
  • managing fuel loads in fire season
  • ensuring your dogs are confined away from livestock

Before you buy rural land, visit the Department of Environment and Primary Industries website.

Sustainable Land Management

Caring for the health of the local environment is vital to ensure the long term sustainability and economic viability of your own land, and to minimise the impacts on your neighbours and the broader community.

For expert advice, call our Sustainable Land Management Officers on 9217 2323 or 9217 2493, or email

Rate rebates

We provide rate rebates to responsible land managers and farming businesses. See Sustainable Land Management.

We also offer a discounted farm rate for properties that we classify as farm land. See our Rates page.