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Activity centres

The City of Whittlesea is the right place for businesses to thrive with a number of prime locations ready for investment, now and into the future. As industry hubs organically develop, opportunities present themselves for growing and emerging sectors, including professional, agriculture, food and beverage, construction, energy and waste, health and tourism.

Major employment activity centres

Epping Central

Epping Central is a designated Metropolitan Activity Centre and recognised as an area of significant growth for employment new housing, services and entertainment.

Epping Central plays a major role in providing services, health, justice and education for the community, as well as retail and commercial opportunities. This includes the Northern Hospital, Pacific Epping Shopping Centre, Melbourne Polytechnic and the Epping Services Hub.

Cooper Street employment activity centre

The Cooper Street employment activity centre is a state significant employment area that is expected to generate over 25,000 jobs.

The activity centre is serviced by excellent transport routes focused on the Hume Freeway and Cooper Street and is located close to future residential growth areas which will provide local employment opportunities for current and future residents in these areas.

It comprises various activity centres which are at different stages of development implementation and will incorporate a diverse range of business, office, warehouse and industrial related uses.

Key developments within this precinct include;

Cooper Street West employment activity centre

The Cooper Street West employment activity centre has been designated for employment uses due to its proximity to future growth areas, transport infrastructure and regionally significant employment precincts present significant opportunities for future investment. This activity centre is home to the Melbourne Wholesales Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market and plays a role as a state significant waste and resource recovery hub has been identified in the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan.

The activity centre provides optimal opportunity for further employment growth and industry diversity with more than 200 hectares of large greenfield employment land industrially zoned coming to market including;

These sites will look to generate more than 6,000 jobs.

Thomastown Industrial Area

The Thomastown Industrial Precinct emerged as a major industrial location during the 1970’s and has progressively developed over the past 40 years in response to market demands. Today, the activity centre provides business and employment opportunities for residents of the City of Whittlesea and broader northern metropolitan region.  New businesses continue to relocate and expand to capitalise on the advantages of new developments within the rejuvenated areas.

University Hill

University Hill is developed on the former Janefield Training Centre site, which provided housing and support for people with a disability. The land was brought in 2003 by the developer MAB. It is set on 42 hectares between Plenty Road and the Plenty Gorge Parklands

The activity centre is becoming the ideal location for future industry investment in health and social assistance and professional services. Its fast becoming a growing hub for medical practitioners and professionals providing services to the population of the northern region and servicing the nearby hospitals including Northern Hospital, Northpark Private and La Trobe Private Hospitals.

Plenty Valley Town Centre

Plenty Valley Town Centre has been identified by the Victorian State Government’s Plan Melbourne as a major activity centre supporting a vibrant mix of uses and activities including the Civic precinct.

The vision for the activity centre will have a unique civic and cultural identity supporting a vibrant mix of uses and activities. It will be well connected, accessible via a range of transport options and have an attractive public realm with strong links to natural landscape.

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