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Types of food and health business we monitor

Many different types of local businesses must be registered with us so we can ensure they maintain hygiene standards.

Food and health business we monitor

Types of businesses that we monitor include the following:

  • certain food businesses
  • hairdressers
  • beauty parlours
  • tattooists
  • body piercers
  • colonic irrigation
  • prescribed accommodation such as:
    • residential accommodation
    • motels
    • hotels
    • hostels
    • student dormitories
    • holiday camps
    • rooming houses

Note: We do not have authority over hospitals, dentists, medical clinics or allied health professionals.

To make a complaint or enquire about any of these types of businesses, contact any of the following organisations:

Public swimming pool inspections and complaints

We regularly sample the water of public swimming pools to ensure they comply with health regulations.


For more information, contact our Health Services Department on 9217 2170 or email

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