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Future transport network for South Morang

Major road construction and extensions to public transport are planned for South Morang in the coming years to accommodate the increase in traffic volume.

The map highlights:

  1. McDonalds Road (VicRoads responsibility) - will have a varying road width between Plenty Road, South Morang and High Street in Epping.
    • The first section from Plenty Road to Bush Boulevard will remain as a 2-lane 2-way road but will have a median built when this section of road is reconstructed sometime in the future.
    • The second section from Bush Boulevard to Ferres Boulevard has been completed as a 4-lane divided road.
    • The section from Ferres Boulevard to Civic Drive, although recently reconstructed, will remain as a 3-lane 2-way road.
    • The section from Civic Drive to High Street in Epping will also become a 4-lane divided road at some future time.
  2. Danaher Drive extension and local road network north of McDonalds Road will be developed in conjunction with the future development area.
  3. Findon Road extension - the existing 2-lane 2-way road will be extended to Plenty Road sometime within the next 5-10 years, subject to funding.
  4. Findon Road duplication (VicRoads responsibility) - it will ultimately be a 4-lane divided road and the main east-west arterial road link between South Morang and Epping.
  5. The Lakes Boulevard duplication - the second carriageway will be built when traffic volumes require it.
  6. Findon Road eastern extension (VicRoads responsibility) - This section will continue the extension of a 4-lane divided Findon Road towards the Plenty River.
  7. Grange Drive - has been built from Findon Road to Gordons Road. The timing of the completion of the section north of Gordons Road and the link to The Lakes Boulevard is subject to development in the immediate area.
  8. Future tram line - a wide median has been provided along Plenty Road, Bush Boulevard, the divided section of McDonalds Road, Ferres Boulevard and The Lakes Boulevard for the future tram extension from Bundoora.

The proposed upgrades have taken into consideration the area’s anticipated growth and traffic flow and are part of a long-term plan for the transport network in South Morang.

Funding for the future upgrades will be sought and provided by Council, VicRoads and developer contributions.

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