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Stormwater Management Plan

We have adopted a Stormwater Management Plan aimed at improving the management of stormwater runoff and how it affects local waterways.

The plan identifies urban activities that can negatively affect waterway quality, and specifies actions to improve the management of stormwater from 2012 to 2017.

Melbourne Water has provided a $250,000 grant to help us put the plan into action.

Actions within the plan include a focus on:

  • educating and engaging with the community, construction industry and local businesses on the impact of stormwater run-off on the environment
  • water-sensitive urban design in Council and private developments, such as raingardens and wetlands
  • preventing litter from polluting waterways
  • monitoring stormwater pollution

The plan outlines the values and threats within the 4 main waterway catchments within the City of Whittlesea, namely the:

  • Merri Creek
  • Edgars Creek
  • Darebin Creek
  • Plenty River