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Mill Park E-waste Collection Event

Event details

To get rid of your unwanted small household electrical items in an environmentally friendly way, bring them to this E-waste collection event.
Wednesday, 7 June 2023
Mill Park Softball Association Carpark (next to the Leisure Centre), 41 Morang Drive, Mill Park
Resource Recovery Officer
(03) 9401 0579


What will be accepted on the day:  Any small household electrical or electronic items with a cord or battery, for example: computers, televisions, vacuum cleaners, printers, toasters, hair dryers, video and DVD players, hi-fi equipment, stereo equipment, digital and video cameras.

What will NOT be accepted on the day:  Any whitegoods (microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, dish washers, washing machines, and clothes dryers) and solar panels.

Drop whitegoods off to Wollert Landfill, 55 Bridge Inn Road, Wollert for free recycling.

Cameras, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, fluorescent light globes, printer cartridges, X-rays, and small electrical appliances like IPods, electric toothbrushes and calculators (provided they fit into the slot) can be dropped at our various Recycling Stations.

If you cannot make these events, take your e-waste to the designated recycling skips at Hanson’s Wollert Landfill (55 Bridge Inn Road, Wollert).

For more information, contact Council’s Resource Recovery Officer on 9401 0579 or email

Mill Park E-waste Collection Event

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