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If you are subdividing a property, you will need to follow our Street Naming Guidelines

When you are naming a street, there are certain requirements so we've developed guidelines to assist.

All names will need to be submitted in the Proposed Street Name Register for approval. If you do not have a log-in for this register please contact and we will organise you a login.

Please submit no more than 30 names at a time and only submit names that you have given the following consideration to the following requirements:

  • Meets the requirements of the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria
  • Is not a duplicate of an existing name within the radii as set out by Geographic Names Victoria. Please use LASSI to verify.
  • Has a link to a place which we request you provide to at the time of submitting into the register so we can use this information in our assessment.
  • Is not a registered business name that can be linked to the developer.
  • Is not a first name or name of a living person connected to the development. 
  • Is easy to pronounce, spell and write and preferably not exceed three words (including feature or road type) and/or 25 characters.

Contact us

For more information about this process by email at