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Rates discount for farm land

Rates discount for farm land

We offer a discounted farm rate for properties that we classify as farm land.

We will classify your property as farm land only if it is:

  • greater than 2 hectares in area
  • operated, or intended to operate, as a business and you can demonstrate proof of this
  • used primarily and continuously for farming activity including:
  • grazing (and agistment) of farm animals - excludes recreational horses
  • dairying – your business must be registered under the Health Act
  • pig-farming – your business must be registered under the Health Act
  • poultry-farming
  • fish-farming - can include yabbies, fish for food or tropical fish for pet shops
  • tree-farming, viticulture and fruit growing – you must prove that the trees or vines have been planted before submitting your application
  • horticulture or crop-growing – you must provide proof of expenditure or sound agricultural development of the land with your application
  • bee-keeping

How to apply for the farm land rate

If we reject your application, you can appeal our decision to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) within 30 days of receiving written notice of our decision. To appeal, visit the VCAT website.