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Rates discount for farm land

We offer a discounted farm rate for properties that we classify as farm land.

We will classify your property as farmland only if it is:

  • Greater than 2 hectares in area.
  • Operated, or intended to operate, as a primary production business that seeks to make a profit on a continuous or repetitive basis from its activities on the land and you can demonstrate proof of this.
  • Used primarily and continuously for farming activity including:
    • Grazing (and agistment) of farm animals - excludes recreational horses.
    • Dairying – your business must be registered under the Health Act.
    • Pig-farming – your business must be registered under the Health Act.
    • Poultry-farming.
    • Fish-farming - can include yabbies, fish for food or tropical fish for pet shops.
    • Tree-farming, viticulture and fruit growing – you must prove that the trees or vines have been planted before submitting your application.
    • Horticulture or crop-growing – you must provide proof of expenditure or sound agricultural development of the land with your application.
    • Beekeeping.

How to apply for the farm land rate

The farm land rate application period is currently closed and will re-open for new applications on 1 February 2024.

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