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Understand your rates

What do the rates pay for?

Your rates allow City of Whittlesea to provide essential services for our residents, businesses and community. In 2023-24, the budget includes: 

  • $75 million for capital works - this includes new community facilities, new parks and upgraded sporting facilities.
  • $36 million for waste, recycling and environment - this includes kerbside rubbish collection
  • $26 million for family, children, youth and seniors - this includes ageing well services, maternal and child health, kindergarten and youth services
  • $22 million for roads and footpaths
  • $20 million for leisure, recreation and community facilities
  • $19 million for parks and open space
  • $16 million to support local business and communities
  • $9 million for public health and safety - this includes immunisation services
  • $7 million for animal management and school crossings
  • $6 million for libraries
  • $4 million for arts and culture, including events and festivals

View the key highlights from this financial year’s budget here: 2023–24 Budget and Community Plan Action Plan

How your rates are calculated?

We use the Net Annual Value (NAV) method for calculating rates. For residential properties this is five per cent of the Capital Improved Value (CIV), which is the total market value of the land plus buildings and any other improvements. 

NAV for non-residential properties is approximately the annual market net rental of the property less all necessary expenses required to maintain that property, except Council rates. 

Rates are calculated based on the combination of two variables: the rate in the dollar and the valuation (CIV).

The rate in the dollar for the 2023-24 financial year is:

$0.04724460 – General rate

$0.02834676 – Farm rate

The formula for calculating rates is: Net Annual Value (NAV) x rate in the dollar = rate payable

For example:

  • Capital Improved Value = $500,000
  • $500,000 x 5% = $25,000 (Net Annual Value)
  • $25,000 x (0.04724460) = a base rates bill of $1181.115

*This figure is just an estimate of the general rate and would not include any interest, fire services levies, waste charges etc.

What is rate capping?

The State Government has capped rate increases at 3.5% for the 2023-24 financial year.

This cap applies to Council's total rate income, not individual rates notices. How much you pay above or below the 3.5% increase depends on the market value of your property which in turn dictates your property valuation.

The MAV has produced this short video explaining rate-capping in simple terms. You can watch it here. 

Fire Services Levy

The Fire Services Levy is a State Government charge that helps pay for the fire services provided by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Country Fire Authority.

From 1 July 2013, Councils in Victoria are responsible for collecting a Fire Services Property Levy through Council rates notices.

The levy is a State Government charge that helps pay for the fire services provided by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) and Country Fire Authority (CFA).

While we collect this property levy through your council rates notice, the money goes directly to the State Government, and not to us.

The levy will be clearly shown on your rates notice and, like your rates, you can pay it either annually or in instalments.

To find out more about how the levy is calculated visit the Fire Services Property Levy website.

Waste Charge

The charge for standard roadside rubbish and recycling collection is now listed separately.

The annual waste charges in 2023-24 are:

$171.45 – Residential/Rural

$11.85 – Landfill Levy added with Residential/Rural Waste

$222.75 – Commercial/Industrial

$16.50 - Landfill Levy added with Commercial/Industrial Waste

$105.15 - Garden Waste Bin Service

$13.90 – Landfill Levy General (added when no waste service exists)

Find out more about Council's waste collection services

What is the landfill levy?

The landfill levy is a State Government mandated levy. 

As with previous years, Council will continue to subsidise the State Government Landfill Levy instead of passing on the full charge to residents. Residential and rural properties will be charged $11.85 and commercial properties $16.50.