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Garden competition

Garden competition

Our annual garden competition recognises local gardeners who use environmentally-friendly garden practices, with a total prize pool valued at $2,000.

Entries for our 2018 competition will open on 1 November.


Best Front Garden

Gardens will be judged on innovative colour schemes using both annual and perennially flowering plants or the use of interesting foliage combinations and forms such as a conifer garden.

The novel use of plants and commitment to using environmentally-friendly gardening practices such as native plants or use of recycled materials will be viewed favourably.

Best Edible Garden

If you have a vegetable patch or fruit trees, you may wish to nominate your garden for this award. Gardens will be judged on the amount and quality of the fruit/vegetables and the type produced, with special recognition given to uncommon and self-cultivated varieties.

The use of environmentally-friendly garden practices such as the use of grey water or rain water tanks will be viewed favourably.