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Grants for young people

Grants for young people

Young people aged 25 and under in the City of Whittlesea can apply for grants to help them pursue their arts, cultural and sporting endeavours, through our Arts Cultural and Sporting Grants Program for Young People.

We encourage you to apply for a grant to realise your dream. Please note grants are subject to a means test.

In the past year, 26 applicants shared in $20,000 in grant funding.


There are 2 grant categories; Arts and Cultural Grants, and Sporting Grants.

Arts and cultural grants

These grants aim to:

  • help local young people pursue excellence in arts and/or cultural spheres by:
  • increase participation by young people in arts and/or cultural activities
  • foster community pride in the arts and/or cultural activities pursued by local young people
  • provide opportunities for young people to further develop existing skills through competing, exhibiting and/or performing in state, national or international events conducted by recognised arts and/or cultural associations or organisations

Sporting grants

These grants aim to help local young people to pursue excellence in sports by:

  • providing opportunities for young people to further develop skills
  • encouraging participation in state, national or internationally-certified championship-type events/competitions run by recognised sporting associations
  • increase participation by young people in sporting activities
  • foster community pride in the sporting activities pursued by young people within our City


  • Applicants must live within the City of Whittlesea, and be aged 25 or under at the time of making the application.
  • Grants will be spread across a variety of arts, cultural and sporting activities, rather than focusing on just one or two activities.
  • Grants are for individuals and not groups/teams. Members of a group or team can apply, but as individuals.
  • An Advisory Committee of Councillors considers the applications and makes a recommendation to the delegate on the amount to be awarded based on the grant guidelines. Under no circumstances will the Advisory Committee enter into discussion or correspondence on any decision with any person.
  • Members of the Advisory Committee will not enter into discussion or correspondence on any decision with any person 
  • The grant does not aim to cover the full cost associated with any proposed arts, cultural and sporting activity, but rather to provide financial assistance towards the attending the event/competition. The applicant is also strongly encouraged to pursue other fundraising to help finance their participation.
  • A grant will not be provided if the application is submitted after the activity takes place.
  • Grants will be considered subject to availability of funding.
  • The grant will not pay for memberships, materials, tuition or training.
  • If you are granted funding, you are required to complete a written report outlining your participation and mail or email it back to us within one month of completing your activity. This report provides us with important information on how the funding helped you and allows us to set guidelines for future funding. If you do not complete the written report, you may be ineligible from obtaining any further grants.
  • A limit of one grant per applicant per financial year for the same activity applies.
  • To be eligible the event/competition must not be offering any prize money.

Grant amount

The amount that you may be granted is between $200 and $1200 depending on several factors, including:

  • the activity you are participating in and the duration
  • whether you are travelling locally, interstate or overseas
  • your income, or your parent’s/guardian’s income

You do not have to pay tax on your grant. However, you must complete the Australian Taxation Office's Statement by a Supplier form, and return it with your application. The grant will be paid via cheque to the person nominated on the Statement of Supplier form.

Note: Funding is directly linked to either a dependent applicant's family's eligibility for the the Australian Government’s Family Assistance Office Family Tax Benefit A or the applicant's eligibility for Youth Allowance. If your income or your parent’s/guardian’s income is above the amount that Youth Allowance or Family Tax Benefit Part A is no longer paid, you are not eligible for a Grant from Council.

Extra funding for personal carers

If you require extra funding to allow a personal carer to accompany you, mention this in your application and our Advisory Committee will consider your request. Preference will be given to applicants with a Companion Card. If you have a Companion Card, ensure you attach a copy of it with your application.

How to apply

You can only apply for either the Arts and Cultural Grant, or the Sporting Grant. Please note that grants are subject to a means test.

To apply for either grant, download the appropriate application form:

You must also include the following with your application form:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate/Passport/Drivers Licence
  • Two written references
  • Evidence that the applicant is a resident of the City of Whittlesea, such as a utility account, rates notice or drivers licence
  • Proof of income of parents/guardians (if applicant is a student) or applicant's income (if employed) such as most recent Income Tax Assessment Notice
  • Copy of a letter from the relevant organisation/association inviting participation
  • Completed Statement of Supplier Form from the Australian Tax Office

Application approval process

Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will receive a grant. We receive a large number of applications each year and not all applications can be funded.

An advisory committee of Councillors generally consider grant applications within 2 weeks after they are received, but this can vary.

Cancelled activity

If you have been awarded a grant, but the activity is cancelled or you are unable to participate, you must advise us immediately and refund the entire grant to us.