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Food Safety Program

Class 1 and 2 food businesses applying to be registered must have a Food Safety Program, which is a written plan identifying potential food handling dangers, and how you control and monitor them.

Benefits of a Food Safety Program

The benefits of having a Food Safety Program include:

  • improved legal protection because you can demonstrate how you produce safe food
  • improved business reputation because customers know that the food you prepare, serve, manufacture and sell is safe
  • improved record keeping and cost control in your business

How to get a Food Safety Program

Businesses can get a Food Safety Program developed independently or produced from a registered template. You can prepare registered Food Safety Programs quickly and easily, and submit them to us for approval using the FoodSmart website.

Food Safety Supervisor

You must have a nominated Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) in your business, as part of your Food Safety Program.

The Food Safety Supervisor is a person who:

  • knows how to recognise, prevent and reduce hazards associated with food handling in your food premises
  • has a Statement of Attainment that shows the required food safety competencies from a registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • has the ability and authority to supervise other people handling food at your premises and ensure that food handling is done safely

Further information

For more information on the Food Safety Program, visit the Department of Health website.


For more information on registering a food business, contact our Health Services Department on 9217 2277 or email

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