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Benefits of working for Council

We think there are special reasons for coming to our part of town and becoming part of the Whittlesea Council team.


As one of Australia's fastest growing municipalities, we can offer you to chance to work on diverse, challenging and innovative projects, and the opportunity to do something different every day.

Each of our main offices is easily accessible by train, bus and car. Shower and locker facilities are available for staff choosing to cycle to work.

Health and wellbeing program

Our organisational health program covers a range of programs aimed at helping staff reach the work/life balance that suits them.

Features of our corporate health program include:

Discounted gym membership fees

Discounted gym membership at Thomastown Recreation and Aquatic Centre (TRAC).

Membership includes access to the gym, fitness classes, swimming pool, sauna and spa. Payroll deduction is available.

Discounted private health insurance

We offer our staff discounted corporate membership for 3 of Australia’s leading private health funds.

Express lunchtime classes

A variety of weekly exercise classes at a range of locations are on offer.

Employee Assistance Program

Counselling services are provided for work or non-work related issues which are impacting on work performance. Referrals are made to other service providers where specialist assistance is required.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services

There is an on-site physiotherapist at the Civic Centre two days per week. The focus of treatment is on early intervention.

While priority is given to conditions that are work related, non-work related conditions that are adversely affecting work performance may be treated.

The physiotherapist also provides advice to ensure the workplace - including desks, furniture or vehicles - is set up to reduce the risk of injury.

Discounted movie and theatre tickets

Discounted movie tickets for Hoyts, Village and the Independent (Epping) cinema.

Discounted theatre tickets for many of the shows presented at the Plenty Ranges Arts and Conventions Centre, located next to the Civic Centre.


Council's Infectious Diseases Policy provides a range of vaccinations for staff who are at risk of exposure to disease or where a health benefit is identified.

Social Club

An active Social Club, which organises a range of free and discounted social events including theatre outings, after work "happy hours", sporting activities and a Christmas function. Membership costs only $1.00 per week.

Recreational and fitness equipment

Staff can book bicycles and treadmills for use at lunch time through our intranet, and play a game on a pool table.

Yoga classes

Weekly yoga classes are held at the Civic Centre after work. A small co-contribution is required.

Pilates classes

Weekly Pilates classes are held at the Civic Centre after work. A small co-contribution is required.

Flexible and family-friendly employment conditions

We provide our employees with competitive and flexible employment conditions including:

Flexible arrangements

The availability of:

  • Full-time*
  • Part-time*
  • Work from home*
  • Job share* - A model of employment in which two or more employees take the responsibility for one full-time position dividing work, pay, holidays and other benefits between them according to the time they work.

*Subject to availability, operational requirements and management approvals.

Variety of leave entitlements

Annual leave

Four weeks' paid leave per year (pro-rata for part-time), plus the opportunity to purchase additional leave.

This arrangement involves employees being paid at a fractional rate of 46/52, 47/52, 48/52, 49/52, 50/52 or 51/52 of their annual salary in order to receive an extra one to six weeks annual leave per year.

Personal/carers leave (incorporating sick leave)

Twelve days' personal/carers leave per year.

Paid maternity leave

Upon completion of 12 months' continuous service, female employees are entitled to 14 weeks paid leave (pro-rata for less than full-time employees) and the option of a total period of 12 months’ maternity leave.

Female staff also receive a total of one normal week of ante-natal leave to attend routine medical appointments related to a pregnancy.

Paid paternity leave

Upon completion of 12 months' continuous service, male employees are entitled to two weeks of paid paternity leave.

Rostered Days Off (RDOs)

RDOs are available to full-time employees in most work areas. These are generally every four weeks for indoor staff, and every two weeks for outdoor staff.

Cultural and ceremonial leave

The opportunity to observe days of cultural, ceremonial and/or religious significance.

Where attendance requires time away from work, employees will be granted leave from existing entitlements, time in lieu, RDOs or unpaid leave.

Salary sacrifice

The opportunity to 'sacrifice' part of your cash salary into additional superannuation contributions.

Bi-lingual staff allowance

A weekly allowance for employees who regularly and frequently use a language other than English in their daily duties when dealing with the public.

First aiders allowance

If you wish to become a staff First Aider we will provide you with the appropriate training and offer you a daily allowance.

Induction program

Our comprehensive induction program provides employees with an understanding of the organisation and local government and an opportunity to meet the CEO.

Learning, development & study assistance

We offer staff a range of in-house skills training on topics including:

  • time management
  • project management
  • dealing with difficult customers
  • IT software
  • business writing

We also support staff to take external courses and attend seminars and conferences relevant to their work.

Study assistance program

Employees wishing to undertake external tertiary studies are also supported through a generous study assistance scheme. This involves a financial contribution towards tuition and books and up to four hours study leave each week.