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Apply for an online services account with us to manage and track issues you report and payments you make.

Online Services

A logon to the Online Service Account is not required to access:

Contact Council Online

"Online Payments" and "Contact Council" can be selected from the public menu at:

You can apply for access to our Online Service Account to stay up-to-date on issues or complaints you've reported.

Registration process

To complete a pre-registration, you must complete the online form and then provide proof of identity documents in person at our City of Whittlesea Civic Centre office.

Once you have confirmed your identity, we will give you a username and password to login as a registered user. The process helps to protect your privacy.

Proof of identity documents

Bring a selection of the documents listed below to the Civic Centre, and show them to the eService Registration Officer.

The documents you provide must total a minimum of 100 identity points.

The table below shows the number of points for each type of identity document.

Note: All applications must include at least 1 'primary document'. You cannot use more than 1 form of identity from the same institution or utility.

Primary documents - worth 70 points

  • Full Birth Certificate (or change of name certificate)
  • Current Australian passport
  • Current overseas passport stamped for entry into Australia
  • Certificate of Australian Citizenship
  • Document of Identity issued by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Secondary documents - worth 40 points

  • Australian drivers licence
  • Australian shooters or firearm licence
  • Tertiary institution identification card
  • An identification card issued by Commonwealth, State or Territory as evidence of entitlement to a financial benefit (pension, healthcare)

Secondary documents - worth 35 points

  • Legally drawn mortgage papers

Secondary documents - worth 25 points

  • ATM, Credit card, bank book or bank account statement
  • Medicare card
  • Telephone or other utility bill e.g. electricity
  • Motor Vehicle registration papers
  • Trade person's Certificate of Proficiency
  • Records of educational institution attended not more than 10 years ago
  • Australian marriage certificate
  • Divorce papers
  • Taxation assessment notice

Documentation required for organisations

Organisations must provide proof of identity for the company as well as proof of identity of the person nominated as their authorised representative. The type of identity documentation required depends on the type of organisation.

For an Australian public/private company

  • Certified extract issued by the Registrar of the ABR
  • Original or certified copy of the Business Registration Certificate
  • Original or certified copy of the Certificate of Registration
  • Original or certified copy of the articles of Incorporation

For a partnership

  • Original or certified copy of Partnership Agreement

For a trust

  • Appointment of Trustee
  • Original or certified copy of a Deed of Trust specifying the Trustees

For an association

  • Articles of Association

For a Commonwealth, State or Local Government

  • A certified extract of the Chief Executive Instructions specifying the position and delegation of a public servant