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Getting rid of chemicals

You should not put chemical waste in your Council bins or pour it down the drain as it can harm your family and pets, add extra fuel to a house fire, release toxic fumes and damage the environment.

Drop off unwanted household chemicals for free at mobile collection days or at one of the permanent detox facilities, through the Detox Your Home program.

Note: Detox Your Home is not a home collection service as chemicals pose a safety hazard if left on the street.

For information about acceptable chemicals and locations, see Detox Your Home.

Permanent drop-off sites for household paint and other products

Household paint, batteries (household and car) and compact fluorescent lamps can be disposed of throughout the year at a permanent drop-off site.

The nearest permanent drop-off sites are:

Chemical drum recycling for rural properties

You can recycle your empty plastic and steel crop production and on-farm chemical drums for free at our Epping Depot, which is a drumMUSTER drop-off site.

drumMUSTER eligible container logo.

Containers are only eligible if they have the drumMUSTER logo on them.

To recycle your eligible chemical drums, you should:

  1. rinse empty drums immediately after use
  2. puncture metal drums through the base of the inside
  3. remove lids to allow drums to dry
  4. book a time and day to drop off your drums with us by calling 9217 2170 or email

For more information on the drumMUSTER program or on container cleaning, visit the drumMUSTER website

Other chemical disposal options

For information about other chemical disposal options, visit Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You website.

ChemClear provides a safe and easy collection and disposal service for all agricultural and veterinary chemical users across Australia. For more information, visit the ChemClear website.

Further information

For further information including tips on safely transporting household chemicals, phone Sustainability Victoria on 1800 353 233, or see Detox Your Home.