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Research reports

Research reports

Access in-depth analysis of our demographic information with detailed commentary through the following documents.

Place profiles

Demographic profiles of areas in the City of Whittlesea:

Our residents

Annual Household Survey

Our annual household survey gathers information from a representative sample of households throughout the City of Whittlesea on topics such as:

  • opinions on Council services
  • cultural and leisure activities
  • environmental concerns
  • transportation
  • computer ownership and internet access
  • shopping trends

The survey provides us with detailed information that supplements the ABS Census of Population and Housing, which is conducted every 5 years.

The survey results help us to plan services and facilities in relevant areas, and meet residents’ current and future needs.

For copies of survey reports from previous years, email

Community Wellbeing Indicators Report

Our Community Wellbeing Indicators Report is a document that contains a wealth of data that provides detailed insight into the wellbeing of our fast-growing and diverse community.

This report plays an important part in planning for the community infrastructure and services that our residents require. 

It also provides influential data and evidence of our needs as we lobby state and federal governments.