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Publicly available documents

You are entitled to access and/or inspect many Council documents.  Details of the type of documents made available to the public are listed on this webpage.

If you would like to arrange an inspection of any of the documentation listed below which cannot be accessed on-line, please contact the Governance Team on 9217 2294.


Council’s Public Transparency Policy

Council adopted its first a Public Transparency Policy on 1 September 2020 and a copy of the Policy is available here, and an accessible version here.  The Policy indicates the type of Council information that Council makes publicly available and aims to ensure that Council’s decision-making processes are open and transparent.

Council information includes but is not limited to:

Documents such as:

  • Plans and reports adopted by Council;
  • Council policies;
  • Project and service plans;
  • Templates concerning grant applications, tenders and tender evaluation material;
  • Service agreements, contracts, leases and licences;
  • Council leases, permits and notices of building and occupancy; and
  • Relevant technical reports and / or research that informs decision making.

Process information such as:

  • Practice notes and operating procedures;
  • Application processes for approvals, permits, grants and access to Council services;
  • Decision making processes;
  • Guidelines and manuals;
  • Community engagement processes; and
  • Complaints handling processes.

Council records will, at a minimum, be available on Council’s website:

  • Council meeting agendas and minutes (not including confidential information);
  • Terms of Reference and records relating to Council Advisory Committees Meetings;
  • Audit and Risk Committee Charter;
  • Registers of gifts, benefits and hospitality for Administrators and members of Council Staff (A summary of any gifts, benefits and hospitality received from the 1 September 2020 will be made available on this webpage);
  • Registers of travel undertaken by Administrators or members of Council Staff (A summary of any travel undertaken from the 1 September 2020 will be made available on this webpage);
  • Registers of Conflicts of Interest disclosed by Administrators or Council Staff (A summary of conflict of interests declared within six months from the 1 September 2020 will be made available on this webpage);
  • Submissions made by Council to other levels of government;
  • Register of donations and grants made by Council;
  • Register of leases entered into by Council, as lessor and lessee;
  • Register of delegations from Council to staff and from the CEO to staff:


Last reviewed

1. Council to the CEO

4 August 2020

2. Council to Members of Council Staff

4 August 2020

3. CEO Sub-Delegation of Council Powers Duties and Functions to Members of Council Staff

20 August 2020

4. CEO Powers Duties and Functions to Members of Council Staff

20 August 2020

5. CEO to Members of Council Staff for VicSmart Applications (Planning and Environment Act 1987)

3 June 2019

6. Financial Delegation from CEO to Members of Council Staff

30 March 2021



Freedom of Information

You can also request to access Council documents through the Freedom of Information Act. Please visit our freedom of information webpage to obtain further information regarding how to submit a Freedom of Information Application.


Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic)

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) requires Council to provide the public with access to certain Council information. This Act ensures that individuals and organisations can effectively exercise their right to obtain access to government information which may affect them.   

Please refer to this link (accessible version here) to obtain a copy of Council’s Part II Statement.


Statutory documents

You can also access a number of documents that Council is legally required to make publicly available. Click here to see the list, and here for the accessible version. If you would like to inspect any of the documents mentioned specified in table, please contact the Governance Team on 9217 2294.


Public Submission Meetings

Council is required to consult with and consider the views of community members when making decisions that involve the exercise of certain powers.

The Local Government Act 1989 and the Local Government 2020 (the Acts) require Council to consult with the community when it proposes to exercise certain prescribed powers.

You may be directly invited to participate in consultation (ie through a direct mail out) or may be indirectly invited to participate (ie through an ad in your local newspaper).

The guidelines below detail the processes which Council will follow when undertaking formal consultation, ensuring that all members of our community are able to meaningfully participate and contribute.

Click here to view the Public Submissions Procedural Guidelines.


This webpage was last updated on 24 December 2020.