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Skip bin permit

You must not place skip bins or other bulk rubbish containers on a road, nature strip, reserve, or other Council land unless you have a permit. If you place a skip bin on public land without a valid permit, you may be fined up to $800.

Permit conditions

Even with a permit, there are a number of conditions that you must meet when placing a bulk rubbish container on a road, nature strip, reserve, or other Council land. You must:

  • not use it for longer than necessary
  • place it in an approved location as specified in the permit
  • comply with all relevant Codes of Practice and legislation relating to the location where you place it
  • not place it at a location where it negatively impacts road traffic flow, pedestrian safety or Council/utility service
  • ensure it is in a safe and reasonable condition to minimise any potential injury or damage
  • ensure its appearance is acceptable to our local laws officers
  • not set-down, pick-up, empty, move or relocate it at any time between:
  • 8pm of one night and 9am the following day on a weekend or public holiday, or
  • 8pm of one night and 7am the following day on a week day
  • not allow its contents to become toxic, offensive or odorous
  • ensure it has only one point of advertising on each side, no larger than half a square metre, and that the advertising contains only the name and telephone number of the supplier.

Our local laws officers can remove or impound any bulk rubbish container that does not comply with these conditions.

Apply for a permit

You can lodge your application in person or by mail.

Residents must include the following in your application for a Trade Waste Skip Permit:

  • a completed and signed Skip Bin Permit application form
  • a clear copy of your current public liability policy
  • the $167 (including GST) permit fee - we accept cheque, cash, credit card or EFTPOS, but mailed applications can only be paid by cheque or credit card

To apply in person, bring the above items to our Customer Service counter at the Civic Centre.

Alternatively, you can mail your application and payment details to:

City of Whittlesea
Locked Bag 1
Bundoora MDC VIC 3083

Builders of new residential dwellings

Builders of new residential dwellings should follow the same application steps but use the following form instead of the Skip Bin Permit application form.

Builders will need to pay a separate permit fee for each bin that will remain throughout the construction period.

Application approval process

You will receive your permit within 7 days of your application.