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Rubbish tip (landfill)

You should only use the rubbish tip (landfill) to dispose of items that you cannot reuse, repair or recycle.

You can recycle green waste and timber at Recycling facilities.

To save a trip to the tip, you can book 2 free hard rubbish collections from your nature strip each year.

Closest landfill - Hanson’s Wollert

55 Bridge Inn Road
Wollert VIC 3750
P: 9408 1299

Business hours:
Monday to Friday: 7am to 4.30pm 
Saturday: 7am to 2.45pm
Sunday: Closed

Good Friday, 29 March: Closed
Easter Saturday, 30 March: Open 7am - last load must arrive by 2.45pm
Easter Sunday, 31 March: Closed
Easter Monday, 1 April: Open 7am - last load must arrive by 2.45pm

ANZAC Day, 25 April: Closed

Cost and discount entry

For current prices and opening hours, visit the Hanson Landfill website.

  • You must present your original and current rates notice to use your waste and recycling vouchers. Instalments or amended notices will not be accepted.
  • Waste and recycling vouchers are not transferable or for commercial use.
  • The home owner must be present when dropping off materials and using vouchers.
  • Photo I.D must be presented at the time of using vouchers.
  • A $30 State Government Landfill Levy charge still applies.
  • Vouchers expire on the 31 July each year. 
  • All waste and recycling facilities are privately owned and operated.

Find out pricing on the Hanson Landfill website

Acceptable items


Wollert Landfill accepts the following items for disposal:

  • broken furniture 
  • general household rubbish
  • building rubbish
  • carpet/underlay
  • insulation material (must be double bagged and sealed)
  • mixed loads  
  • car parts
  • soil


Wollert Transfer Station accepts the following items for recycling:

  • televisions, printers and computers
  • car and household batteries
  • cardboard and paper 
  • scrap metal 
  • motor oil (up to 20 litres)
  • plastic bottles and containers
  • steel and aluminium cans
  • hot water systems
  • refrigerators/old whitegoods
  • tyres (charges apply)
  • mattresses (charges apply)
  • mobile phones
  • household appliances with a cord or battery including TVs, computers, laptops, computer accessories, printers, kettles, toasters, vacuums, blenders, battery operated kids toys or tools
  • X-rays

Unacceptable items

Wollert landfill does not accept:

  • fluorescent light globes, printer cartridges, cameras and accessories
  • household chemicals including oil, paint, cleaning products, fertilisers and car care products
  • any kind of liquid waste
  • gas bottles
  • syringes

Find out how to dispose of different household items.

Other landfills

The following other sites also accept car and trailer loads of waste.

Charges apply.

Hume Landfill

Bolinda Road
Campbellfield VIC 3061 
P: 9359 3813
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 8am - 4pm

Nillumbik Transfer Station

290-304 Yan Yean Road
Plenty VIC 3090
P: 9436 3555
Opening hours: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 8am - 4pm

Darebin Transfer Station

Kurnai Avenue
Reservoir VIC 3073
P: 9230 4799
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 8am-3.30pm

Cover trailer and vehicle loads

All trailer and vehicle loads must be covered with a tarpaulin and properly secured for the safety of other road users, and to prevent littering.

If any material falls from your vehicle or trailer, you may receive a Council fine. If the littering occurs from an uncovered or unsecured load, you may also receive a much larger court-imposed fine.

This applies to loads that contain loose household garbage, hard and green waste, building materials, mulch, sand, soil and any other materials.

Tie your tarp securely with rope and make sure that items cannot blow or bounce out if you drive over a bump or brake suddenly.