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Granite Hills Major Community Park

The City of Whittlesea is building a major community park at Granite Hills, featuring an adventure park and playground with nature play, open-air pavilion, public barbecues, picnic settings, giant slides, lawn maze, nature and water play, public toilets with a Changing Places facility, connected walking trails and more.



Granite Hills Park is located within the Quarry Hills Regional Parkland in South Morang, bordering Mernda.

Quarry Hills Regional Parkland is one of the defining landscape features of the municipality and contributes significantly to the character of the city's growth suburbs.

The hills are a striking visual feature within the landscape and are a common point of reference for the two emerging communities of South Morang and Mernda.

In 2019, a landscape master plan for the parkland was developed to guide future land planning of the site.

Stage 1 of the master plan is for the development of Granite Hills Park. This is to provide a new major community park and play space.

Granite Hills Park will provide a gateway into the broader Quarry Hills Regional Parkland.

Concept design

Granite Hills Park will be one of four of the City of Whittlesea's major community parks.

The project will create a fun adventure park and playground with nature play, open-air pavilion with public barbecues and picnic settings, giant slides, lawn maze, nature and water play, public toilets with a Changing Places facility, connected walking trails and more.


Construction works for Granite Hills Major Community Park commenced in early July 2023.

The first stage of these works is for the upgrade to the existing farm dams. The works include the draining of the current dams, followed by regrading and revegetation.

Subject to favourable weather conditions, this project is anticipated to be completed in early 2024.

The construction of the remainder of the Granite Hills Major Community Park, including park and road works, will commence in the first half of 2024.

In September 2023, City of Whittlesea Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson was joined by Member for Mill Park Lily D'Ambrosio to turn the first sod on the development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Council's Open Space Strategy identifies four major community parks spread across the established areas of the municipality.

The major community park located at Granite Hills will provide community access into the broader Quarry Hills Regional Parkland for the Mernda-Doreen corridor, which is currently not accessible by the public.

The Granite Hills Park site is a flat area, close to Hunters Road. The location is ideal for passive surveillance, while preserving the surrounding ridgelines.

Council recognises the rich habitat within Quarry Hills Regional Parkland, including the large number of kangaroos.

Granite Hills Park will invite people into the site in a safe way to limit illegal activity and damage to wildlife habitat.

The section of Quarry Hills where we propose to locate Granite Hills Park is currently closed off to the public with little surveillance. The implementation of the major community park will allow the public to access this small eight-hectare section of the site in a controlled and safe way.

The park and play space are proposed to be located at the front of the site, meaning vehicles are not required to drive far into the parklands for parking.

The water bodies will be upgraded into a high-quality wetland, providing further habitat for flora and fauna.

The path and trail network will direct users through the site, away from areas of conservation and rehabilitation.

Interpretative signage will be located along trails to educate the community on the ecological value of the area.

Currently 430 hectares of Quarry Hills Regional Parklands is public open space and under council management. While Granite Hills Park is constructed, additional public open space will become council-owned.

This land will be rehabilitated and managed as conservation areas, allowing the ongoing and increased habitat for local wildlife.

Eventually Quarry Hills Regional Parkland will include 1100 hectares, which will provide significant space and habitat for local wildlife.

We acknowledge that trail bike riding is damaging to public open spaces, including regional parks, waterways and other linear corridors like pipe tracks.
Council is continuing to work to manage the illegal use of trail bikes within Quarry Hills Regional Parkland. Over the past decade Council has continued to upgrade fence and access points to minimise vehicle entry into Quarry Hills.
This work, along with signage upgrades and growing numbers of walkers, has lessened the illegal presence of 4WD vehicles.
Presence is one of the best deterrents to unlawful park use. The implementation of Granite Hills Park along with the walking trails throughout the parklands will allow for additional users to provide passive surveillance to the site.
When public space is well used we see a decrease in anti-social behaviour.

Quarry Hills Parkland is a conservation reserve and does not support dogs off leash. As with all public open space, dogs must be on a leash unless within an allocated off-leash area.
As the site is a conservation nature reserve, no fenced off-leash park is proposed.
Council is currently undertaking upgrades to the Creek Park dog off-leash area in Mernda and Lyndarum Wetlands dog off-leash area in Epping North. There will also be a future fenced dog off-leash park in Wollert.


The City of Whittlesea has committed $2.5 million towards the Granite Hills Major Community Park, with the Victorian Government matching that funding with a $2.5 million grant from its Growing Suburbs Fund.

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In addition to the Granite Hills Major Community Park project, the City of Whittlesea is also establishing an Aboriginal Gathering Place at Quarry Hills Parkland. 

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