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Clothing recycling bin permit

Operators of clothing recycling bins must apply for a permit to place their bin in the City of Whittlesea.

Only one bin provider can operate from each location, and must pay a permit fee per bin.

We only allow operators to place bins on private land, not Council land, after they have obtained a permit and met the guidelines.

All clothing recycling bins must be clearly marked to differentiate charity donation bins from commercial operators, and help the public to make informed choices when making donations.

For clothing donations only

Clothing recycling bins are intended for clothes only and residents should dispose of rubbish or unwanted household items properly through their free hard waste collections or weekly rubbish bin collection.

Apply for a permit

Before placing a clothing recycling bin, you must apply for our approval by submitting:

  • a completed permit application form
  • proof of public liability for a minimum of $20m
  • letter of permission or agreement from the land owner to place the clothing bins, security cameras and lighting
  • a plan showing proposed location of bins, cameras, lighting, buildings, boundaries of all car spaces, access lanes and driveways and the direction in which vehicles travel
  • permit fee of $214.25 per bin

We will respond informing you of the outcome of your permit application.

We may refuse any application that fails to comply with the Clothing Bin Recycling Guidelines.