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Findon Road extension

The City of Whittlesea has completed an extension of Findon Road to help ease congestion and improve access to important locations across the municipality.

Findon Road extension

In June 2023, the City of Whittlesea opened an important east-west link providing residents with more convenient connections to work, education, shopping, public transport and recreation facilities.

Running from Williamsons Road to Danaher Drive, the extension is a significant investment by the City of Whittlesea in improving the local road network. The connection from Danaher Drive to Plenty Road is under construction by a local developer.

The extension will result in a more even distribution of traffic across the local road network, particularly relieving congestion on McDonalds Road and around the Mill Park Lakes residential area.

What did the project include?

Construction of the Williamsons Road to Danaher Drive section included:

  • 650 metres of new road
  • Left in/left out T-junction at Williamsons Road (with an exception for public buses)
  • A walking and cycling underpass of Findon Road, aligned to the existing Yan Yean Pipe Track
  • A road bridge over the underpass extension to Mernda
  • Kerb and channel, drainage, line marking, signage, lighting and landscaping

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the Findon Road extension?

A) The Findon Road extension is a project connecting Findon Road to Plenty Road. The City of Whittlesea is responsible for building a 650-metre section of new road from Williamsons Road to Danaher Drive, while a private developer is responsible for the remaining section from Danaher Drive to Plenty Road.

Q) What benefits will come from the extension?

A) The Findon Road extension will provide residents with an important new east-west link between the Hume Freeway in Epping and Plenty Road in South Morang that will ease congestion and shorten commute times. The extension will provide residents with easier access to work, education, shopping, public transport and recreation facilities.

Q) What else is involved in the extension? 

A) Apart from the new road, the project also includes construction of associated infrastructure such as walking and cycling paths, street lighting, drainage, traffic lights, landscaping, signage and new bridges.

Q) Why is the extension important?

A) The City of Whittlesea’s population is rapidly growing, putting pressure on the region’s road network. The Findon Road extension completes a major missing link in the road network by providing direct access to the M80 freeway from Plenty Road, and will help alleviate traffic congestion on other local roads.  

Q) When will permanent traffic lights be installed?

A) The road opened with temporary traffic signals in place at the intersection of Findon Road and Williamsons Road. Permanent signals will be installed in the 2023-24 financial year, with the road expected to remain open throughout the installation.