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Achievements highlight Council’s environmental focus

Achievements highlight Council’s environmental focus

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Council’s substantial achievements in sustainability over the past ten years were presented at the Council Meeting on 27 June 2023, following the completion of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2012-2022.  

The ten-year plan that was adopted by Council in May 2013, set out 206 priority actions that addressed the key sustainability focus areas of water, land, climate change, urban development and the built environment, biodiversity and change strategies.  

Administrator Peita Duncan said she was proud of how much Council had achieved over the past ten years, with all but three of the 206 actions set out in the plan completed, and the remaining actions incorporated into new strategies. 

“Council has made remarkable progress towards achieving our long-term environmental goals, affirming our commitment to achieving a clean and sustainable future for the City of Whittlesea,” Peita said.  

“Some of the exciting achievements over the last ten years includes the use of 100 per cent renewable electricity in all Council facilities, services and streetlights as of July 2021, with 25 per cent of that electricity produced by on-site renewable energy systems. This is an important step towards our goal of becoming a net zero emissions organisation and community by 2036.”  

Other achievements of the plan include:  

  • implementation of the Sustainable Land Management Rebate Scheme and the Environmental Works Grants Program to provide financial support for rural landowners, with approximately 150 rural landowners taking part each year 
  • upgrading of 12,500 streetlights with LED and CFL lamps, accounting for approximately 60 per cent of Council’s streetlights 
  • planting over 4,500 trees annually in streets, open spaces, and community facility settings 
  • the introduction of a kerbside glass recycling service and a user pays kerbside food and garden waste recycling service 
  • the incorporation of sustainable purchasing practices into Council’s Procurement Policy.  

 “We know that our community are as passionate about the environment as we are, and together we will continue to work towards achieving a sustainable future for all.”  

View the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2021-2022 and the summary report.  

View Council’s current long-term environmental strategies and plans, including the Sustainable Environment Strategy 2022-2032, Climate Change Plan 2022-2032, Biodiversity Strategy 2019-2029 and Rethinking Waste Plan 2021-2030 on Council’s Plans, strategies and policies webpage.