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Celebrating one year of glass recycling

Celebrating one year of glass recycling

Friday, November 24, 2023

Residents in the City of Whittlesea have recycled an incredible 2,132 tonnes of glass since the launch of kerbside glass recycling last year – that's more glass than an Olympic-sized swimming pool could hold.

As part of the Victorian Government’s requirement for a standardised four-bin system, a new 120-litre purple-lidded bin for the collection of glass bottles and jars was rolled out to all households in October 2022, ensuring more waste is recycled into new products and kept out of landfill.

City of Whittlesea Chair Administrator, Lydia Wilson, said it was wonderful to see the community embrace the new service.

“We are delighted to see such a significant amount of glass recycled through our kerbside collection. It’s a great example of how the community has turned a simple act into a powerful result. Together, we’re not just recycling glass, we’re taking steps toward a more sustainable future,” Lydia said.

Glass recycling allows old bottles and jars to be given new life contributing to the circular economy. Sorting, recycling and manufacturing of the glass is all done here in Melbourne.

“We encourage residents to consider purchasing their goods in glass containers wherever possible rather than plastic, as this too will help to support the circular economy.”

While residents can now also recycle some glass bottles through Victoria’s new Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), the kerbside glass recycling service will continue to provide an avenue to recycle glass jars and larger glass bottles not accepted through the scheme, creating a comprehensive and effective approach to recycling and sustainability.

The purple-lidded bins are collected every four weeks, on the same day as a resident’s regular bin collection. Residents can download a personalised bin collection calendar from Council’s website – simply visit and enter your address on the My Neighbourhood feature.