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Council unveils new 10-year Community Local Law

Council unveils new 10-year Community Local Law

Thursday, November 23, 2023

A comprehensive Community Local Law aimed at addressing a wide range of important community issues including fire safety, animal welfare, property regulations, vehicle management, and public behaviour was endorsed at the Council Meeting on 21 November 2023.  

The new Community Local Law 2024-2034 will replace Council’s existing Local Law and aims to strike a balance between safety, personal freedom, and community responsibility to help people live harmoniously in their local community.  

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said the new Community Local Law was developed in consultation with the local community.  

“All councils have a Local Law that helps to keep our community safe, protect our natural environment, improve access and enjoyment of public places and respond to poor behaviour. 

“This year we embarked on a process to update our law to make sure it met the changing needs of our community. 

“We received valuable feedback and insights from more than 2,000 residents which played a pivotal role in shaping these essential local laws,” Lydia said.  

The community highlighted the need for updates in the new Community Local Law to improve regulations on responsible pet ownership, and update requirements for property and fire prevention. 

Council presented its draft Community Local Law for community feedback earlier this year with 80% of respondents agreeing that they believed the new law met the needs and values of the community.