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Embrace the art of sustainable living with free workshops

Embrace the art of sustainable living with free workshops

Monday, January 22, 2024

Learn tips and tricks for a sustainable, climate-resilient lifestyle in a series of free, hands-on workshops hosted by the City of Whittlesea.  

The Sustainable Communities Workshop Series is back for another year, delivering a mix of free face-to-face and online sessions that will enable participants to meet new people and connect with like-minded individuals who care for our environment.  

City of Whittlesea Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said the free workshops are an opportunity for residents to make a real difference in their lives and the broader community.  

“Council is excited to bring this workshop series to the community, where local residents will not only have the chance to learn different hands-on elements of sustainable living but also create a lasting environmental impact with their new skills,” Lydia said. 

These popular events offer a variety of new DIY projects, giving participants the chance to create things they can take home.  

The free workshop series has a wide range of topics to explore: 

  • Discovering Biophilia: Mindfulness and Observation in Nature Saturday 3 February 
    Nature sketching and meditation, observing nature outdoors, and creating a handicraft. 

  • Practical and Low-Cost Home Energy Efficiency Saturday 10 February 
    Renters can discover easy ways to stay comfortable in their homes despite the weather. 

  • Practical Home Energy Efficiency Thursday 22 February 
    Home-owners can learn to reduce energy costs and increase comfort through upgrades. 

  • Going All Electric Wednesday 20 March 
    Learn how to convert gas home appliances to electric.  

  • Basic Grafting Sunday 5 May 
    Explore how to graft your own fruit trees and extend your season. 

  • Pickling and Curing Olives Saturday 11 May 
    Learn how to preserve green and black olives and take home some jars for your pantry. 

  • Seed Saving Saturday 18 May 
    Discover how, when, and which seeds to save and store. 

  • Designing Your Home Food Garden Friday 7 June 
    Design a food garden for maximum yield with minimal effort. 

  • Produce Gardening for Renters Wednesday 12 June 
    Learn about growing produce while renting or with little outdoor space. 

Workshop participants will receive a certificate and can showcase their learnings and creations at the Series Wrap-Up Celebration and Showcase on Saturday 16 November. In addition, participants who attend all sessions will have a chance to win a prize at the end of the series.  

Visit for more information on each session and to sign up. Any questions or recommendations for future workshops can be sent to