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For the love of cats

For the love of cats

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Since the introduction of new cat confinement regulations on 1 August 2023, the City of Whittlesea has seen positive benefits for cats, the community and wildlife.

In just the first six months of the new regulations coming into effect, the number of complaints relating to cats received by Council has decreased by 70 per cent from 2022 totals. 

During this initial transition period, the City of Whittlesea has supported pet owners to transition to the new regulations, which are designed to create a safer and more harmonious environment for cats, wildlife, and their owners. 

A dedicated online web page is packed full of information to help cats and their owners successfully transition to staying at home, including:

  • instructional videos on how to build your own cat enclosure at home
  • in-person DIY workshops that offered practical guidance
  • pop up information booths at shopping centres
  • a variety of tips and suggestions on keeping your cat happy at home on the web page
  • frequently asked questions covering a wide range of cat confinement problems.

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said Council was pleased to see how pet owners have embraced the new regulations.

“Our goal is to find the right balance between our community's wellbeing, wildlife protection, and responsible pet ownership, and we’re already starting to see the positive benefits of these new regulations,” Lydia said.

While educating the community on cat confinement is still a priority, from 1 February 2024, owners who are not complying with the new regulations may face penalties. 

Owners of cats found not confined to their property or under effective control when outside, are at risk of being reported and fined $96. All newly registered cats will also need to be desexed, with owners of cats that have not been desexed facing a fine of $384.

"Council will continue to support cat owners with information and resources to ensure residents are able to comply with the new regulations, with infringements only issued as a last resort.”

“The City of Whittlesea is committed to working together with the community to create a safer and more harmonious environment for cats, wildlife, and their owners.” 

For further information on the new regulations and tips on how you can confine your cat to your property, visit