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Joint operation spotlights builders

Joint operation spotlights builders

Friday, March 01, 2024

The City of Whittlesea and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) will be conducting joint site inspections during March, in an effort to ensure builders are meeting their responsibilities under environmental protection laws.  

The joint inspections will assess building sites to ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Act (2017) and the City of Whittlesea’s Building Site Code of Practice, with officers focusing on areas such as waste management, wastewater, noise, vibration and vehicles tracking mud and gravel from site, as well as compliance with Council’s Local Laws.  

City of Whittlesea CEO Craig Lloyd said the collaborative operation reflects a shared commitment to responsible building practices.  

“We’re looking forward to working closely with the EPA and builders in our community to uphold these important laws that safeguard our environment, protect public assets, and ensure a positive experience for local communities. While we know many in our community are working hard to meet these requirements, notices for non-compliance and infringements may be issued.”

“By proactively addressing any potential concerns before the upcoming inspections, builders can minimise the risk of penalties and help contribute to the overall sustainability of and preservation of community assets,” Craig said. 

The initiative is the first joint operation between the City of Whittlesea and the EPA, with the aim of promoting responsible construction practices and reducing the environmental impact of the industry.   

EPA North Metro Regional Manager Jeremy Settle said “EPA is keen to work with council to improve compliance on building and construction sites. Everyone has a duty to act to protect the environment, and our officers will join forces with Whittlesea Council staff to provide on-site advice and guidance. Of course, if we see anyone not managing their risks and causing harm, will use our remedial and enforcement powers.”  

Builders are invited to review their environmental management practices in preparation for the upcoming inspections.  

To learn more about the Environmental Protection Act (2017) visit 

To learn more about the Building Site Code of Practice visit