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Achieving paws-ative outcomes for animals

In the year since the wat djerring Animal Facility came under the caring management of the City of Whittlesea, Merri-bek and Darebin Councils, we’ve been thrilled to witness many heartwarming stories of residents opening their homes to adopt an animal.

The story of 80-year-old Whittlesea resident Fred and his newly-adopted dog, Rex, is definitely something special.

Fred lives on his own. Recently his beloved dog Elsa passed away and at the same time Fred was dealing with some difficult issues. It became a really tough time for him. Without Elsa around, Fred felt like he lost a close mate to lean on.

“It gets lonely here, and especially at night time,” Fred said. “No companion or anything, and that’s why I decided to adopt another dog.”

Initially, Fred thought he was too old to get a dog and wasn’t even sure how to apply. But after getting in touch with staff at the wat djerring Animal Facility, he realised how easy the process was. The staff stepped him through each stage including testing for compatibility between animals and humans – that way it was sure to be a loving friendship.

“Fred mightn’t be here if he didn’t have a pet. He certainly wouldn’t be as happy. Rex being here is the best medicine for Fred at the moment,” said Northern Health staff member Damian.

As well as giving Rex a loving home, Fred’s story is a great reminder of the power animals can have on increasing our own well-being. Visit wat djerring Animal Facility - Whittlesea for more information on adopting a pet.