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Electrifying progress

In a step towards making our City greener and cleaner, the City of Whittlesea has begun transitioning its fleet to electric vehicles with the arrival of two electric sedans and two utes.

The shift to an all-electric fleet will occur over several years. It supports the City of Whittlesea’s net-zero goal by reducing carbon emissions and reliance on carbon offsets.

City of Whittlesea Chief Executive Officer Craig Lloyd said by replacing traditional combustion engine vehicles with electric vehicles, Council is taking steps toward a greener future.

“Transport is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, so we’re excited to make the shift to electric vehicles. Not only is it an important step toward reducing our emissions, but by using electric cars, we will also be saving money in the long run through lower operating costs and less maintenance of the fleet,” Craig said. To find out more about our Climate Change Plan, visit