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Destination Plan 2023-2026

Tourism visitation to the City of Whittlesea experienced a significant downturn due to the Coronavirus pandemic and needs to plan for a changed market demand. Several opportunity areas were identified and a set of priorities and actions developed which will be incorporated into higher level plans and guide the management of the destination over the next three years. With new developments in both the private and public sectors coming to the City of Whittlesea and considering organic growth of visitation statistics in line with increased population, there is strong potential to consolidate sustainable visitation to the area.

Each priority area includes a set of actions to be implemented over the next three years which aim to support and encourage the development of products which strengthen the municipality as a destination, advocate for investment in visitor servicing infrastructure, build upon the existing brand of the City of Whittlesea to increase awareness of the municipality as a destination of choice and encourage greater length of stay and dispersal of visitors across the municipality.