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Huskisson Recreation Reserve, Lalor

We’ve developed a master plan for Huskisson Recreation Reserve based on the feedback we’ve received from residents, businesses, schools and community groups. The master plan aims to improve safety, access, parking and on-site facilities at the reserve.

Final master plan

Select the link below to download the Huskisson Recreation Reserve master plan.

Key actions from the master plan

The Huskisson Recreation Reserve master plan includes actions to improve the functionality and safety of the reserve. 

Here are some of the highlights from the master plan:

  1. Improve pedestrian and cyclist access into the reserve by constructing a 3m wide concrete shared path from the Kingsway drive car park to the north boundary of the site providing seating rest points at regular intervals. Remove selected existing trees to facilitate the installation of the proposed path.
  2. Remove the Edgars Road Neighbourhood Playground including all play equipment, timber edging and soft fall mulch. Include new planting to north and south park boundaries to enhance the entry.
  3. Install a 60m long pedestrian bridge across Edgars Creek with path connections from Edgars Road and to the proposed shared path.
  4. Upgrade the West Lalor Tennis Club facilities to provide:
    • six tennis courts with high mesh sports fencing
    • lighting
    • bike rails
    • spectator seating
    • two hot shots courts
    • a new 450m2 sports pavilion including an accessible public toilet facing the reserve.
  5. Upgrade and extend the existing car park adjacent the Jacaranda Kindergarten to include additional parking spaces, garden beds and tree planting as well as an accessible route from the car park level to the reserve and tennis courts.
  6. Remove small trees and large shrubs from existing garden beds and trim lower branches of trees that are retained to improve sight lines.
  7. Commence discussion with Melbourne Water on the environmental and landscape quality of Edgars Creek and future revegetation programs.

Contact us

Should you require any further information about this project please contact our Parks Development team on 9401 0587.